Home Remodeling StressThe joyful conclusion of a work day is greeted by the chaos of homelife that unfolds in the living areas of your home. It’s not until dinner is over, the kids are in bed, and the house is cleaned that you can truly start washing away the stress that surrounds you like a membrane – growing as the sun cycles in the sky. This is it – the denouement of today.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we are forced to wear our stress proudly – on display for everyone to see but not acknowledge. Like the changing of the seasons, we only shed this coat occasionally with the welcoming of a vacation. But why do we do this to ourselves? Why is it that recharging our batteries is only done when our batteries have nothing left to give? Perhaps it is the times we are living in, or a belief that not carrying around the baggage of stress is a luxury.

Bath remodeling in San AntonioBathroom remodeling can be expensive. It very well can be considered a luxury. However, there are many aspects to creating the relaxing master bathroom that you need. I can write all day about the benefits of heated floors or an over-sized soaking tub, but perhaps fresh paint or a new shower head would be enough shelter from the storm. Small changes in your environment can lead to a dramatic paradigm shift in your daily stress levels.

San Antonio Bathroom RemodelingThe right accessories along with small lighting and plumbing changes can allow for a powerful revolution of your bathroom space. At BRAVI, we like to call this frosting. Frosting is the eye-catching and sense-inducing aspects of something that take it from ordinary to a unique bliss. Tonight, walk into your bathroom and imagine the space you want it to be and make notes of those details. Tomorrow, don’t think about it, but do it – start the revolution of your bathroom.

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