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We are seeing people getting rid of their bathtub and opting for a larger shower in the master bathroom. But is this really a smart move if you decide to sale your home? Having at least one bathtub in the house is important for re-sale purposes. Most buyers like the flexibility of having a tub when they need one, but do not necessarily require one in the master bathroom.

You will find buyers who demand a tub in the master bath, but there are many who prefer a shower that is large with special features such as body sprayers and a rain shower head instead of a small shower with a tub. By removing your tub, you are adding roughly 5 feet to your space which you can use for a grander shower, more storage, or a small vanity area. It really comes down to preference. If your tub gets used once a year, then choosing to remove it for additional space might be a great option for you!

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 tub refinishing
tub refinishing

Interesting query with solution. For the children and edged safety bathtub is too important just because it is in the favor of your family health as well. I have personal bad exepiance that why i recommend you if you are not using a bathtub in your washroom just renovate it and install some stranded bathtub or also need to care for its cleanness. Follow good cleaning products or also contact with tub refinishing experts once in a year. Thanks.

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