The word foremost in a homeowner’s mind when remodeling their home is “budget”. It is a touchy subject that most people would like to avoid. Why do homeowners have the fear of telling the remodeler their budget? It is because they are afraid the remodeler will use every cent for the project.

However, this is a common misconception. A good remodeling firm will work within your budget. As Justin Bravo, owner of BRAVI puts it, “You wouldn’t go to a car dealership and not tell the car salesman how much you are willing to pay. He needs to know if you are looking for an economy car or a luxury vehicle.” It is the same with remodeling. It is best if the remodeler and the client are on the same page. The client has to realize that the project will not be cheap, but also understand that home builders work better if given a budget to work within. It is then that the contractor can look into money saving strategies that will make the project more cost effective.

Communication and contractor experience are key. Many of the details you want included in your home can be approached in a different way, while still accomplishing the same goal. Remodelers do not want their clients to feel restricted by their budget. Instead, the contractor should be able to offer you options and prioritize your wants so they are within your budget. Remodeling is a service oriented industry with client satisfaction a top priority. If the client is not upfront with their budget, or not willing to trust the construction and design team, then both sides are negatively affected.

“Budget” does not have to be a dirty word. Instead, it can make for a smooth remodeling experience by avoiding major conflicts and miscommunication.

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