Remodeling is notorious for its roller coaster effect. Whether you have been through the remodeling process before, or you are new to it, you are probably approaching the construction phase with anxiety and anticipation. Becoming aware of the remodeling stages and how they can affect you will help prepare you for the slow times. Understand that each project is different and there will always be challenges and unknowns that cannot be addressed until walls start to come down. It is our job to prevent any unforeseen challenges by bringing potential issues to your attention before they happen.

Up to this point, you have signed a deal, met with the designers to layout your space, and pick out materials and finishes. This is a very exciting time as your project comes together on paper. At this point, you have a lot of excitement and anticipation moving into the construction phase.

The construction phase can be divided into 6 basic phases: plans and permit approval, demolition, framing, electrical and plumbing rough in, drywall, and finish out. Some phases will move fast, while others will seem to drag on for days.

The plan and permit phase can be a hassle. As you wait in anticipation for you project to kick off, this might seem like precious time wasted. However, it is necessary to begin any remodeling project.

Demo, the first phase of construction, is dusty, loud and inconvenient. There will be people you do not know coming through your front door so they can tear down your space and rebuild it. There will be piles of debris and a dumpster on site. At this point, you will feel like the inside of your home is completely exposed. We understand this can be unsettling and we expect our crews to respect your space. We will prep your home to keep from damaging the areas not being remodeled. Protective flooring through the main traffic areas and plastic sheets at construction entries will help control the dust and grime.

Fortunately, demo goes by very quickly along with the cleanup of all of the excess debris. The next phase, the framing stage, is when you get to start to see your space come alive. This is the first high point in the process.
Once framing is complete, the plumbing, electrical and mechanical work will start. It is at this point that the project will seem to slow down. You will not be able to see dramatic differences to the space like you do during demolition and framing. However, know that a lot of detail goes into this phase and it is a necessary step to ensure your space will function correctly. It is critical that plumbing and electrical be complete before insulation and dry wall go up.

The next phase is drywall, which most people find to be exciting. Once drywall is up, the room begins to take shape and you start to imagine yourself functioning in the space.

The final phase, the finish out phase, will seem slow. It is in this phase that painting, installation of doors and windows, installation of tile, cabinets, flooring, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures occur. It requires quite a bit of time to complete each part fully and you will be anxious to start using your space. Towards the end of this stage, we will do a punch-out list. Once each of these are addressed, the remodeling phase is over and you have a new and beautiful room.

There is no doubt about it, remodeling will be stressful. There will be times when you will question what you have gotten yourself into, but once everything is complete and you see the dramatic transformation, it will be worth the time and stress. We will do our best to be proactive and move as quickly and efficiently through each process without sacrificing quality.

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