It seems to me that last year everyone was having a BABY BOY!!! Not only, did I become an aunt to a beautiful nephew but a lot of my friends become new or mom’s to bouncing baby boy’s!!!! All through the year I was asked “Jamie do you have any good idea’s or schemes for a boy’s room that are not to babyish? “
What I am about to share with you is something I did for my BFF of 4th grade when she asked me for some design ideas. Then I added to it over the year when a co-worker asked for some help to do her grandson’s room. Hey even us designers need professional help sometimes!

When you go to the mass market stores you get bombarded with overdone same old blue and green frogs, boats, bears, and animal themes. But, what I kept hearing from my friends was that they wanted something that was more sophisticated, tailored, modern, fun, funky, different, and most of all SOMETHING THEY CAN GROW IN TO.

Examples of the SAME SAME.. This will not last it will get you into style RUT


Because let’s face, room décor can get costly and baby’s grow fast into toddlers, than kids, to tween and finally the dreaded TEEN phase. So many of my client’s are looking to make the most of the baby room from the very beginning. Here are some of the tips I tell them.

Start with the basics of the furniture:

The crib. Now as a mom myself I made the mistake of buying this really expensive fancy crib that we really only used for about a year or so. Luckily I was able to hand it over to a girlfriend who needed it, so that made me feel better. Do consider this; do you really think you 6’ something TEEN will want to sleep in full size bed? I don’t think so. He would be much more comfortable in a Queen. So don’t go out and spend $$$$ on one of those all in one cribs that turn into a FULL size bed. Besides, by then he will want some really cool architectural salvage or super modern headboard of some kind.


See the Land of Nod for this one or others like it.
All you really need a something that is safe, sturdy and if it turns into a toddler bed at most!

A dresser not a changing table; why? Because you can use the top as a changing table by adding a pad to it, when the diaper phase is done you still have a piece of furniture you can use for the next phase.

Storage is always important for baby clothes and supplies, but as they get older it’s great for storing away toys and other things. Look for shelving, book cases or built-in’s to give you the organization you will need for your space.

A cool rocker. Consider something that has good bones and can be upholstered through the years. Don’t go with the standard glider and ottoman. They are too bulky and take up a lot of real estate in the room most of all they will not last throughout the years because it screams BABY.



Good lighting. Lighting happens in layers the 3 main types.

Overall ambient, task light and accent lighting so when choosing a light fixture for a kid’s room it’s nice to select something whimsical and that casts a shadows on the ceiling, but be sure you have a reading lamp that has 2-3 settings on it for late night feedings and reading time.

And that’s it for your furniture pieces now for the schemes:






These where the style boards and color schemes that I had worked on throughout the past year and I am sharing it with you. Yes, some of the colors are still the classic blue, brown and white but I hope you will find some inspiration in the different approach with the style direction.

Need some more interior design ideas? Let’s take a look as some designs below from one of my most favorite designer for her use of color, pattern and innovative applications Sarah Richardson’s interiors.


Let’s hear it for the BOYS!

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Looks at all the cute ideas! Even the storage cabinets and changing tables match up! What a wonderful welcome to the family. 

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