FSM-Living-Room-view-3-Version-2-1024x682 copyLayering light is important in the function and display of a room. Having different lighting options will allow you change the mood of the room to meet different functions. There are three main levels of lighting: general/ambient, task, and accent. Each play an important role in your home and should be found in every room.

General/ambient lighting: This type of lighting provides overall illumination. It creates a uniform light level that helps you maneuver through a space. Overhead can lights, wall washers and chandeliers are all examples of ambient lighting.

Task lighting: As the name indicates, this type of lighting is directed at a specific area to complete a certain task such as reading, cooking in the kitchen, or working at a desk. Undercabinet lighting, table and desk lamps are examples of task lighting.

Accent lighting: Generally used to create ambiance and warmth to a room, this kind of lighting is used to accent certain areas. Adjustable recessed can lights and track lighting are used to draw the eye to a textural wall or piece of artwork.

We suggest you start with general lighting first and work your way to accent lighting to ensure each level is addressed. Think about the space and what tasks you will be performing. Include dimmers to allow you more flexibility with your lighting.

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