Why do laminate countertops have such a bad reputation? Laminate countertops have been around for a long time, but maybe it is time to take another look at them as a viable option for your home. Not only are they cost effective, the laminate industry has drastically improved the style and quality of laminate countertops over the years.

Formica and Wilsonart, leaders in the laminate industry, make laminates that reflect the characteristics of natural stone and other common surface materials. Laminate countertops combine affordability, beauty and ease of maintenance.

Laminate countertops are composed of plywood or particleboard base which is covered with a decorative paper that has been treated with resin and bonded to the base. They come in a variety of patterns, colors, finishes and textures that can fit any style of home. Laminate is applicable in all types of spaces, from commercial to residential, from contemporary to traditional. Laminate countertops are non-porous so they will not stain or cause buildup of bacteria. Laminate is also easy to clean and maintain. The main drawback is that it is not a solid surface. Therefore, it can get scratched by sharp objects or scorched by hot surfaces. However, the advantages far out-weigh the disadvantages if you are looking for ways to save money without sacrificing design.

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