6305096635_65687a776d_o“The proper and subtle use of texture takes a design from being flat and dead to noticeable and alive.” – Josh Byers

Texture is described as how a surface or object feels. Texture can be recognized by touch or sight. When you see a brick wall, you know it is rough and gritty without having to physically touch it. This is because your mind remembers a time in the past when you have touched a similar rough textures. When we see an object with a certain texture, we remember past tactile experiences. Designers use texture in a room to evoke a certain emotion.

Texture is one of the five basic design elements and is often overlooked. Smooth textures seem cold and formal, while objects with more texture makes a space feel cozy. Texture can be recognized by its weight too. Reflective surfaces appear lighter, while coarse textures have a heavier appearance. Texture affects how open or closed a room feels. Highly reflective, hard surfaces make a room look as if it is much larger than a room with heavy paneling.It is imperative that texture be applied in the right way so the space is harmonious. Because texture visually fills a space, it is best to use subtle texture in smaller areas while large rooms can easily carry heavier textures.

When working with a monochromatic space, texture adds dimension. A good example of this is the shabby chic style where everything is some shade of white and texture is used to create the contrast. White or light colored walls are accented by heavy decorative crown molding and distressed furniture. Contemporary design is notorious for its bold approach to texture. Exposed brick walls are paired with stainless steel accents.

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