A trend that has been circulating this year is using tile to create a feature that looks like a rug and acts as a focal point in certain areas of the home. Using different tile materials, textures and colors, you can create a tiled entry rug, an atrium medallion, or hallway runner. This concept was very popular in the Greater San Antonio Builder Association’s 2012 Parade of Homes in Setterfeld Estates. Many builders created tiled rugs in their atriums, bathrooms and shower walls. This is a great way to capture the viewer’s attention and demand where their eye goes first.

Tile is a very common material choice that we see in the remodeling industry. It is a luxurious upgrade for homeowners who previously had outdated linoleum floors or fiberglass shower surrounds. Although tile is a great addition to your home, there is more to consider than just the tile itself. We dare you to venture away from the bland 12”-X-12”-straight-lay and colorless grout and indulge your creativity in a variety of layout patterns and grout hues. This will enhance the aesthetics of not just the tile but the entire space that it dresses.

A decision that is often overlooked or not even known to homeowners is the selection of grout color used when installing tile. You can choose to manipulate the appearance of the grout line by choosing a color that is harmonious with the tile so that it appears to blend in. Doing the contrary by selecting a grout that emphasizes or accents the tile is another route as well. Grout comes in an assortment of hues including metallic and glitter. Determine the effect you want to create in the space and choose your path accordingly.

Some great go-to patterns that have been around in the design industry for a while would be a 12” x 24” Brick Lay/Subway, a 12” x 24” Herringbone , 6” x 12” Parquet/Basket Weave and a 12” x 24” Running Bond. For the more indulgent, try mixing the tile sizes used to make the pattern. Use 2, 3, 4 or more sizes to make your design. www.tilecity.com is a tile distributer based in Redding, California. They are a great resource for tile patterns, and are definitely worth checking out for some ideas.

Tile is a great way to style your floors and walls. Don’t overlook these two aspects. Your space is sure to make a statement if you simply play and let your creativity design to your style!

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