2014 kitchenSay goodbye to the italian/tuscan themed kitchens of the 00’s, contemporary kitchens are in. Faux-painted walls, glazed cabinet doors, wrought-iron cabinet hardware, and earth-toned back-splashes completed their swan-song in the spring of 2012. The past few years and continuing on into 2014, expect sleek modern and contemporary kitchens to take over.

Kitchen designs are getting sleeker and simple with none of the elaborate trims of the past. Kitchen cabinets are either really dark, think espresso, or some variant of white. When speaking with several of the top cabinet distributers in San Antonio, white, off-white, and cream white were the top three sellers over the past six months.

Cabinet hardware is eliminated with the use of push drawers or door panels with built-in grooves for handling. When remodeling a kitchen with existing cabinets, simple hardware with limited flair will stay true to the contemporary look.

San Antonio RemodelingMulti-functional islands are becoming the most requested feature of a kitchen design. Islands that serve as food-prep areas, wine and cookbook storage, and breakfast table replacements are must haves for many homeowners in 2013, and this will continue into the foreseeable future.

There is a dramatic paradigm shift in countertop material selection – granite is out and quartz is in. Along with the changing of material, homeowners are getting away from the smooth finish and opting for textured finishes. Leathering, matte, and volcano textures all set themselves apart from their glossy granite cousins.

The at-home professional looking kitchen is also going away – at least the appearance of it. Homeowners don’t want to be limited by their appliances but the days of displaying a wall of stainless steel appliances are over. New finishes such as Ice White and Slate from GE are catching consumer’s eyes along with wood paneling that matches with cabinetry to bring the focus of the kitchen away from the appliances.

The past couple years and moving forward seem to be the biggest change in the kitchen over the past two decades with the San Antonio area leading the charge.

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I've always liked the idea of a smooth and sleek kitchen filled with clean lines and a simple colour scheme. What also helps is lots and lots of storage because kitchen appliances have a habit of getting themselves all over the place! There's just always some new gadget to purchase to help you with peeling this or chopping that that it'll be impossible to keep it all properly! 

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