Initial Design Study

The BRAVI process starts with an initial design study. In this study we set out to identify & analyze the needs & goals of the client, asses the existing environment, & evaluate project resources and limitations.

In this study, we will perform a detailed questionnaire to determine the client's design preferences & requirements. We will also determine the client's material finish preferences to include fixtures, textiles, color palettes, & build materials.

Development of Core Drawings

There are five core required drawings that must be completed for any project that BRAVI does. The five are Demolition Plan, Proposed Floor Plan, Electrical Plan, Plumbing Plan, & Tile Detail Drawing.

After development of the core drawings, BRAVI will present to client. This is our first opportunity to express to our clients what we learned from the initial design study.

Material Selections

A BRAVI designer will present to the client all the material selections for the project - fixtures, textiles, accessories, color palettes, interior finishes, wall coverings, & building materials based on the initial design study & requirements of the core drawings. A design board to present the design concept along with a specification book will be put together at this time.

Development of Additional Drawings

Depending on the project, additional drawings might be required to convey the overall design concept. Examples of these drawings include Elevations, Sections, Hand Perspectives, Computer Generated Perspectives, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Site Plan, & Renderings. The Material Selects will be incorporated into the core drawings along with the additional drawings.

Project Proposal

After the completion of the design process, we will present you with a final project proposal. This detailed proposal will contain the exact cost of the project with a complete break down of the selections made during the design process.

Prior to construction, you will know exactly what your project will look like, how long it will take to complete &, how much it will cost.

Pre-Construction Meeting

This meeting consists of introducing the client to our production team & going over both the drawings & specification book with production. This is the time to address any additional questions from the clients along with finalizing logistics of construction.


We have three different levels of management assigned to every project. Our superintendents, project managers, and field support supervisors are expertly trained to handle all aspects of a remodeling project.

Our Client Connection allows homeowners an easy and convenient way to communicate with our staff of designers, project managers, and artisans. Clients have access to a project calendar and instant project updates.

Start the Process with BRAVI

At BRAVI we are as passionate about your home as you are. We love improving the homes of our clients and at the end of your project, we hope our passion has shown throughout.

If you are ready to love your home again, contact us today. We would love to show you all the possibilities.

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