Induction cooktops are becoming very popular, but are they all they are hyped up to be? Induction cooking means the cooking vessel itself is the original generator of the cooking heat. The induction-cooker element (or burner) is a high-frequency electromagnet, and when magnetic material (cookware) is placed on top of the magnetic field, the field transfers energy to that metal. That energy causes the metal to become hot. This means nothing outside of the vessel is affected. As soon as the vessel is removed from the element, there is no heat.

Induction requires all cookware to be a “ferrous” metal (iron or steel) that will sustain a magnetic field. Aluminum, copper and Pyrex are not suitable for induction cooking.

The Pros:
-Instant Adjustment: You can adjust the heat instantly. It is a great option for those that cook meals that require heat fluctuations frequently.
-No wasted heat: Energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel which translates into cooler kitchens and a cool stovetop.
-Safety: Because induction cooktops do not create heat outside the magnetic field, when the vessel is removed the area cools instantly. Therefore, your hands or fingers will not get burned by the hot surface.
-Ease and Adaptability of Installation: Induction cooktops are very thin, only requiring two inches below the countertop surface making it a good option for those in wheelchairs.
-You do not have to install a gas line.

The Cons:
-Because the induction process requires a certain type of cookware, you might be forced to purchase pots and pans which can be expensive.
-Power outages: If your electricity is out, you will not be able to cook.
-Noise: There may be a small buzzing noise when the magnetic field is in use.
-Expensive: Prices are coming down as technology improves, but induction cooktops are still more expensive than ceramic or gas cooktops.

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