The Baby Room is the place where your little bundle of joy learns, grows, and continually develops.  From choosing the right furniture pieces to the perfect color scheme, keeping your child safe should be the main priority.  Here are a few tips to achieve a perfectly safe and colorful baby space.

Safety First

According to the EPA, one of the 5 leading health risks in the US is indoor air.  Yes, that is the air inside our homes.  And one of the leading causes of our air issues are paints, varnishes, and solvents we use containing VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compound.

Exposure to VOC’s can trigger asthma attacks, eye irritation, respiratory issues, nausea, and dizziness.  Given the health concerns of consumers and new government regulations, alternative paints have been introduced into the market.

A product with The Green Seal certification for Standard GS-11 is based on VOC content, the absence of chemicals, durability, and performance.  Look for these different types of paints to ensure healthy breathing for your baby and family.

  • Low Odor or Low VOC Paint
  • Zero VOC Paint
  • Non-Toxic or Natural Paint

Color for the Senses

According to Barbara Richardson, a color expert and director of color marketing for ICI Paints, “the Psychology behind the color is incredibly personal.  Adults have lifetime experiences they filter their perception of a color through.  Their preferences come from strong emotional associations with the past, positive or negative experiences.”

Basic color psychology can help you create a room that’s in harmony with you and your baby’s needs.  Follow this guideline when choosing that color.

  • Red: Stimulates the appetite, heart rate, and breathing.  Can make babies feel anxious, so it’s better used as an accent color.
  • Orange: Associated with warmth and contentment; It’s a nurturing color.
  • Yellow: Enhances concentration and stimulates learning, but it can make a baby cry more and cause anxiety.
  • Blue: Relaxes the nervous system and has a tranquilizing effect, always helpful in a bedroom.
  • Pink: Calming; acts as tranquilizer.
  • Green: The easiest color on the eye, it has a neutral effect on the nervous system; a serene, refreshing color.
  • White: Makes a room feel lighter and cooler.

The Right Furniture

The first thing you will select for your baby’s room is the crib.  Cribs come in a large variety of styles, dimensions, and finishes and your choice should be based on how the furniture piece will help to create the overall look of the room.  Now many cribs convert to toddler beds or to a regular twin sized beds.  By purchasing convertible cribs, you can use these furniture pieces for many years.

Next, you can begin adding the matching changing table and either a glider or a rocker recliner.  As far as storage, depending on the allotted space you can choose either a dresser or the expandable cubby holes paired with the fabric storage containers. 

Finally, choose the best quality mattress you can afford.  The firmer the mattress, the safer it is.  Soft bedding sets make your baby comfortable and keep them safe as wellThe best fabrics for baby bedding are tight weave cotton or cotton blends.

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Once you have a baby you better start going through the things in your house! They have to be locked away in storage somewhere for the safety of your child! 

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