Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit and is thought to be the union between mind, body and spirit. Yoga has gained popularity over the past several years. You see it advertised at schools, gyms, and even on the shelves of stores in the form of exercise videos. What is the attraction to this form of exercise? It is relaxing. Americans lead such busy, chaotic lives. Spending a few hours a week doing Yoga not only makes your body stronger, it clears your mind and lightens your spirit.

Instead of trying to fight traffic to get to Yoga class on time, forgetting your gear or trying to find a spot on the floor for your mat, why not transform that empty bedroom into a Yoga room where you can retreat for a serene experience in the middle of your hectic day? Yoga and meditation rooms have a few key elements that differentiate them from other work out rooms. Here are some things you should include in your at home Yoga studio.

  • Have a source of inspiration, whether it is a statue of Buddha, a photo of a waterfall or a plain white canvas. Having a source of inspiration sets the mood for the space.
  • Keep wall colors cool. Cool colors include blues, silvers, greens, and cool neutrals. These tranquil hues can lower blood pressure, calm your mind, ease tension in your muscles, and bring awareness and focus.

  • Storage is a must in order to keep the room organized. Install a few shelves or cabinets that will keep your Yoga mats, cleaner and other necessities close at hand.
  • Light plays a big role in the overall ambiance of a room. Meditation rooms are often low lit with diffused lighting that will make the space intimate. You can also use the light that filters in through windows to give you a room with a more natural feel.

  • At times, you might want to use music or follow along with an exercise video. Installing an AV system would allow the space to be more flexible.
  • A large mirror installed in the room will allow you to make sure you have good posture and your body is aligned.
  • Wood or bamboo floors will give your room a unique look and are great for low impact activities.
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    Meditation prevents stress from getting into the system as well as it releases accumulated stress that is in the system

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